Ron Killings Bio : Wife, Career, Records, Net Worth.

Who is Ron Killings

Ronnie Aaron Killings, better known by his ring name R-Truth, is a multi-talented American entertainer. Apart from his wrestling prowess, he’s also a skilled rapper. Currently signed to WWE, he’s a fixture on the Raw brand, where his energetic performances never fail to entertain the audience.

Who is Ron Killings Wife

Ron Killings, better known by his wrestling persona R-Truth, is a charismatic figure in the world of professional wrestling. But behind the outrageous antics and hilarious promos lies a strong personal life, with Pamela Killings by his side.

They tied the knot on April 7, 2011, and their partnership has been a source of stability for Ron’s wrestling career. Pamela, a former model and actress, understands the demands of the entertainment industry. Her experiences have likely proven valuable in supporting Ron’s public appearances and image.

Their bond goes beyond the wrestling world. In 2014, they welcomed a daughter into their family, further solidifying their commitment to each other.

While Pamela prefers to stay out of the spotlight, there have been glimpses of their relationship on platforms like WWE documentaries and red carpet appearances. These moments showcase a mutual respect and affection that underpins their successful partnership.

Why Ron Killings is Famous

Ron Killings, better known to wrestling fans as R-Truth, is a true jack-of-all-trades in the world of entertainment. He’s carved out a successful career in the squared circle with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where his energetic performances and comedic timing have made him a fan favorite under the ring name R-Truth.

But R-Truth’s talents extend far beyond the wrestling ring. He’s also a recognized recording artist, with his music even featured in WWE programming. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s dabbled in acting as well.

R-Truth’s wrestling career is particularly impressive. He’s a multiple-time champion, having held both the WWE United States Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship. He’s also a record-holding champion when it comes to the WWE 24/7 Championship, a title known for its chaotic and humorous nature.

While best known for his WWE tenure, R-Truth also achieved success outside the company. He was a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), becoming the first African-American to hold that prestigious title.

R-Truth’s story is one of talent, determination, and a willingness to entertain across multiple mediums. He’s a true entertainer who continues to captivate audiences with his wrestling skills, music, and acting prowess.

When Did Ron Killings Debut in WWE

In 2008, Ronnie Aaron Killings, a well-known name in the wrestling world, made a WWE comeback. The company, formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), had seen Killings before, but this return marked a fresh start. On July 25th, during an episode of SmackDown, anticipation buzzed with the announcement of a new character. A mysterious vignette teased the arrival of R-Truth, the upcoming SmackDown Superstar. This marked the official debut of Killings under his new persona, ready to take the WWE by storm once again.

Ron Killings Records

This appears to be a record of R-Truth’s matches leading up to WrestleMania, focusing on the month of March 2024. Here’s a breakdown:


  • March 3rd & 2nd (with Johnny Gargano, The Miz & Tommaso Ciampa)
  • March 18th (with The Miz) (DQ)
  • March 1st (with The Miz)


  • March 24th (with Kofi Kingston, The Miz & Xavier Woods) (DQ)
  • March 23rd (with Kofi Kingston, The Miz & Xavier Woods) (DQ)
  • March 16th (with Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)
  • March 11th (to Damian Priest)
  • March 16th (DQ – Dominik Mysterio)


  • R-Truth teamed up with various superstars throughout March.
  • He had a mix of wins and losses, with some victories coming by disqualification.
  • The record seems to focus on his 8-person tag team matches against Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, Finn Bálor, and JD McDonagh.

Is there anything specific you’d like to know about R-Truth’s WrestleMania journey in March?

Ron Killings Net Worth

Here’s a breakdown of the information you provided about R-Truth (real name Ronnie Aaron Killings) in 2024:

  • Full Name: Ronnie Aaron Killings
  • Age: 52 Years Old
  • Net Worth (2024): $3 Million (estimated)
  • Salary: $550,000 (estimated)
  • Residence: North Carolina, US

This tells us that R-Truth is a well-established wrestler with a successful career. His net worth suggests he’s accumulated a significant amount of wealth over the years. While his exact salary might fluctuate, the $550,000 figure gives a good idea of his earning potential.

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Ron Killings Retire

On June 19th, tensions flared within TNA as wrestler Jeff Jarrett, known by his ring name “Killings,” attempted to resign. His sights were set on a new challenge in the Mexican wrestling promotion AAA. However, backstage conflict escalated as TNA reportedly refused to grant him his release, adding another layer of discord to the already troubled wrestling organization.

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