Notre Dame Football:  Schedule, Scores, Players and National Championship

Notre Dame Football refers to the football program of the University of Notre Dame, located in Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. The team is known as the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame football has a rich and storied history and is one of the most successful and prestigious programs in college football.

The team’s history dates back to 1887, and it has achieved numerous successes over the years. Notre Dame has won multiple national championships and produced many legendary coaches and players. The program has a strong tradition, and the Fighting Irish are known for their iconic gold helmets and the famous “Play Like a Champion Today” sign that players touch before taking the field.

Notre Dame’s home games are played at Notre Dame Stadium, which has a capacity of over 77,000 spectators. The team has a large and passionate fan base, and games at Notre Dame Stadium are often sold out.

The Fighting Irish have a longstanding rivalry with other college football powerhouses, including the University of Southern California (USC), the University of Michigan, and Stanford University. The team’s independent status allows it to schedule games against a diverse range of opponents from different conferences.

2024 Notre Dame Football Schedule

Here’s the 2024 Notre Dame Football Schedule in a table format:

Aug. 31Texas A&M AggiesKyle Field, College Station, TXTBA ETTBA
Sep. 7Northern Illinois HuskiesNotre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, INTBA ETTBA
Sep. 14Purdue BoilermakersRoss-Ade Stadium, West Lafayette, INTBA ETTBA
Sep. 21Miami (Ohio) RedHawksNotre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, INTBA ETTBA
Sep. 28Louisville CardinalsNotre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, INTBA ETTBA
Oct. 12Stanford CardinalNotre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, INTBA ETTBA
Oct. 19Georgia Tech Yellow JacketsMercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GATBA ETTBA
Oct. 26Navy MidshipmenMetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJTBA ETTBA
Nov. 9Florida State SeminolesNotre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, INTBA ETTBA
Nov. 16Virginia CavaliersNotre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, INTBA ETTBA
Nov. 30USC TrojansLA Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CATBA ETTBA

Notre Dame Football Conference and Membership

Notre Dame Football is known for its independent status, meaning the team is not affiliated with any specific conference for football. While many college football programs are members of conferences such as the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, etc., Notre Dame has chosen to maintain its independence in football.

However, Notre Dame has conference affiliations for its other sports. The university is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) for sports other than football. This arrangement allows Notre Dame to compete at the highest level in various sports while keeping its football program independent.

In terms of football, Notre Dame’s independence provides flexibility in scheduling. The team can choose opponents from a wide range of conferences and is not bound by the constraints of a conference schedule. This independence has contributed to Notre Dame’s ability to maintain longstanding rivalries with teams from different conferences, adding to the tradition and appeal of Fighting Irish football.

It’s worth noting that Notre Dame has, on occasion, entered into agreements with conferences for specific games or bowl appearances, but the team’s day-to-day football schedule remains independent of conference affiliation. This unique status adds to the distinctiveness of Notre Dame Football within the college football landscape.

Notre Dame Football Recruiting

Recruiting is a crucial aspect of college football, and it involves the process of identifying, evaluating, and attracting talented high school football players to join a college football program. Here are some key points about Notre Dame football recruiting:

  1. Recruiting Process:
    • Notre Dame, like other major college football programs, engages in a year-round recruiting process. This involves scouting high school players, attending games, and building relationships with coaches and potential recruits.
  2. Recruiting Staff:
    • Notre Dame has a dedicated recruiting staff that works to identify and evaluate talent. This staff includes recruiters, position coaches, and other personnel involved in the process.
  3. National Reach:
    • Notre Dame has a national recruiting reach, meaning they actively seek out top high school talent from across the United States. This national approach allows them to attract some of the best players in the country.
  4. Academic Standards:
    • Notre Dame is known for its high academic standards, and this is reflected in its football recruiting as well. The university seeks student-athletes who not only excel on the field but also meet the academic requirements of the institution.
  5. Recruiting Rankings:
    • Notre Dame’s recruiting classes are often ranked nationally. Various organizations and recruiting services assess the quality of recruiting classes based on the talent and potential of the incoming players.
  6. Official Visits:
    • Recruits often take official visits to the Notre Dame campus to experience the university, meet coaches, and get a feel for the football program. These visits play a significant role in the decision-making process for recruits.
  7. Commitments and Signing Day:
    • Players typically commit to a college before their senior year of high school, and the commitment becomes official on National Signing Day, which usually occurs in December and February. On Signing Day, recruits sign their National Letter of Intent to join the university officially.
  8. Notable Recruits:
    • Over the years, Notre Dame has attracted many highly regarded recruits who have gone on to have successful collegiate careers and, in some cases, play professionally in the NFL.

Notre Dame Football Quarterback

I’ll provide information for a selection of years. If you need details for specific years or players not listed, feel free to ask.

YearNameClassFirst Career StartNumber of StartsRecord as StarterAwards/Honors
2023Sam HartmanSr.August 26129–3 
2022Drew PyneJr.September 17108–2 
2022Tyler BuchnerSo.September 331–2 
2021Jack CoanSr.September 51311–2 
2020Ian BookSr. 1210–2 
2019Ian BookSr. 1311–2 
2018Brandon WimbushSr. 44–0 
2018Ian BookJr. 98–1 
2017Brandon WimbushJr.September 2129–3 
2017Ian BookSo.October 611–0 

Notre Dame football players 2024 Name and height

| No. | Name | Height |
| 1 | Ian Book | 6′ 0″ |
| 2 | Cam Hart | 6′ 2″ |
| 3 | Chris Tyree | – |
| 4 | Sam Hartman | 6′ 1″ |
| 5 | Audric Estime | 5′ 11″ |
| 6 | Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah | 6′ 2″ |
| 7 | Kyle Hamilton | 6′ 4″ |
| 8 | Deion Colzie | 6′ 4″ |
| 9 | Tobias Merriweather | 6′ 4″ |
| 10 | Jack Kiser | 6′ 1″ |
| 11 | Jordan Botelho | 6′ 2″ |
| 12 | Eli Raridon | 6′ 6″ |
| 13 | Griffin Eifert | 6′ 0″ |
| 14 | Holden Staes | 6′ 4″ |
| 15 | Avery Davis | 5′ 11″ |
| 16 | Benjamin Morrison | 6′ 0″ |
| 17 | JD Bertrand | – |
| 18 | Manti Te’o | 6′ 1″ |
| 19 | Isaiah Foskey | 6′ 5″ |
| 20 | Xavier Watts | 6′ 0″ |
| 21 | Joe Alt | – |
| 22 | Jaylon Smith | 6′ 2″ |
| 23 | Marist Liufau | 6′ 2″ |
| 24 | Clarence Lewis | 5′ 11″ |

How many times has Notre Dame won the national championship?

Notre Dame’s football program boasts a storied history, establishing itself as one of the most esteemed college teams since its inception in 1887. Over the years, the Fighting Irish have clinched a remarkable 11 consensus national championships. Notably, they secured 8 championships from major wire services such as AP and Coaches’. In addition to these recognized triumphs, Notre Dame holds an additional 11 unclaimed co-national championships, bringing their total national championship count to an impressive 22. The Fighting Irish’s legacy is deeply rooted in their consistent success on the football field, contributing to their standing as one of the premier college football programs in history.

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