How to Live Stream the ICC World Cup Final for Free 

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest event for cricket lovers. Watching cricket matches is fun because it is a thriller and excitement throughout the event. If you are a sports lover, you must know how unpredictable it can be. 

However, as a cricket lover, you want to make sure to watch all deliveries of a cricket match. As a cricket enthusiast, you need help to watch the match smoothly. The buffering issues between a thrilling match are frustrating. However, find the best streaming app that provides you with a great streaming experience. 

Moreover, various streaming apps are specifically famous for watching live matches. Do you know any of them? If not, then don’t worry. We will discuss the best streaming apps to live stream all the matches with a great streaming experience. 

The Best Streaming Apps to Watch World Cup Live 

Various streaming apps are here that are famous for live match updates. You can watch the match live with the best streaming experience. However, choosing one is crucial. We are providing you with a comprehensive list of the best streaming apps for sports lovers. 

Channel 4 

Are you excited about the ICC World Cup tournament? The whole tournament is full of amazing, thrilling games. Many of the best international teams are included in the tournament. Channel 4 is one of the best streaming services that provides the live streaming of every match. 

However, Channel 4 is the famous streaming service in the UK. You can’t access Channel 4 in USA due to geo-restrictions. But a VPN is your solution to access geo-restricted content without worrying about your location.

Suppose you are thinking about how to watch matches on channel 4 if you are outside the UK. Don’t worry. Just use any reliable VPN to access channel 4 from anywhere in the world. The best benefit of this app is you can sign up for free. Additionally, you can access the local TV channels on this app too. 

CBS Sports App

Are you a sports lover? Try CBS Sports App, as it is a must-have. It provides live streaming of games, scores, news, and analysis. It informs users on the latest sports developments across various professional leagues, from football to cricket, MLB, NHL, and more.

Its user interface is one of the best features of this app, as it boasts a neat design and simple navigation. Users can access scores and stories from each game’s main menu and video highlights. 

The personalized alerts feature is one of the outstanding features of the service, allowing users to receive notifications for specific games and events, such as the start or end of a game. However, you need to take a monthly subscription that is around $72.99. 


ESPN is great if you want to get all the highlights and updates regarding the ongoing cricket World Cup. However, it is one of the best apps to get every match’s live scores and updates. 

It provides a detailed match analysis besides live streaming and updates. You can enjoy watching that analysis after enjoying the whole game. However, this is a must-have app for a cricket lover. 

Additionally, it covers major sports events other than cricket. You can access college sports through ESPN+. The platform also offers national league coverage of the NHL and NFL and international soccer games. 

Subscribing to the service is a good investment. However, the service charges $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year as a subscription fee. 

Disney+ Hotstar 

Another great app to live stream the cricket World Cup is Disney+ Hotstar. Due to its amazing streaming service, this has become the best cricket live-streaming app worldwide. Can you guess its total downloads? It has approximately 350 million downloads. 

However, the Hotstar app is easily downloadable on Android and Apple devices. Hotstar provides you with the best streaming experience without the buffering issues. Additionally, it gives the match highlights if you miss the live match for any reason. 

Moreover, the subscription to Hotstar is not free, and you have to take any subscription plan that suits you. However, it provides various subscription plans, and you can choose the package according to your affordability. Additionally, you can enjoy the live stream of World Cup matches for free. 

Summing Up

Subscribing to the streaming apps is the best way to catch up with the World Cup matches. However, choosing anyone is crucial due to the various options. But we have mentioned that streaming apps are your best option. 

If you are a cricket enthusiast and must watch every cricket match, subscribing to the best streaming app is great. The streaming apps mentioned above app not only provide the best live streaming experience but also give highlights of the hot events during the game. 

So, look no further and subscribe to any of the best streaming apps before you miss any important match. However, if you face difficulty accessing the app, try signing up with a reliable VPN. Enjoy watching the ICC Cricket World Cup. 

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